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Northwest Argentina(Salta, Humahuaca, Ticara)

Northwest Argentina(Salta, Humahuaca, Ticara)

1. Humahuaca(Quebrada de Humahuaca)

-Stayed in Hostal Antigua 2nights. Clean, air conditioning(not needed), friendly owners,

– Tour to Serranias del Hornocal 100 peso per person with a 4×4 car

– Asado with travellers in Hostal.

– Handcraft, empanada street food.

2 Ticara

– Stayed Pueblo viaje(same owner from Humauaca’s hostel). cheap and basic, but very relaxing.

– Hiking to the devil’s throat, Deep into cold water in the waterfall.

– Get up to the Cerro for the good view over the town.

– Visit Pucara de Tilcara.

Tilcara is a very nice place to visit because most of the places you want to visit are all walking distances. There are many cheap restaurants and fresh vegetables and cheeses.

3. Salta

– Stayed in Hostal All Norte(6nights) Clean and friendly. Nicely decorated but far away from town(20ms walking)

– Day trip to San Lorenzo on a hot day to cool down in the forest and stream

– Day trip to lake Cabra Corral(boat ride, bungee jump, fishing and picnic)

– Big supermarkets and shopping malls. (So good to have them around)

Be aware of sandflies by the lake.

Both trips are able to do with hiring a car. We took the local buses(cheaper option).

The Northern part of Argentina is the very sunny dry area. It’s still similar to the weather in the southern part of Bolivia. The scenery is stunning with rock formations and canyons. Beautiful different coloured mountains. The closer to Salta, greener. The food and accommodation prices are reasonably cheap and nice, especially with blue rates. We had a nice traditional Asado and lots of fresh vegetables. We actually had salads with nice fresh vegetable every night. So happy to be here^^.


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