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Border Crossing From Chile to Peru

Border Crossing From Chile to Peru

We are travelling through the border starting from Arica in Chile to Arequipa in Peru. Chile and Peru have 2hours time difference between these two counties. You don’t have to leave too early from Chile. We left our hostel after breakfast around 10 am.

international bus to Peru
Wait for our passports in the bus

1. The international bus terminal in Arica is right next to the national bus station. If you took a bus to Arica from any other cities in Chile, you already know where the bus station is.

You can take one of the Colectivo for 4,000cp or bus for 2,000cp per person. Both ways start at the same place. Colectivos are more private and faster sometimes because they don’t need to wait for the people to fill up the seats. We took the big bus because it looked more reliable to us. The bus filled up quite fast. We didn’t have to wait for filling up.

You need to give your passport to the bus drivers or Colectivo drivers for departure. You need to pay 300cp for the terminal usage at the entrance of the terminal. The bus drivers are very friendly. They take the special care to travellers. They will tell you what to do with very loud Spanish and body language.

2. After around 30 minutes of bus riding, we arrived at the border control for the Chilean side.

One thing very important you might not know that you need a piece of paper which you received when you enter the country. This piece of paper looks like a receipt from a grocery shop. You need to keep it until you leave the country. This is the moment you can present it.

The document check is quick and easy. A couple of customs people are checking for the luggage in the bus. We waited about 10 minutes to finish the cargo check outside the bus. We got on the bus again. All actions were completed for the Chilean border crossing.

3. The bus drove about 5 minutes and we needed to get off the bus again to check in the Peruvian customs. Same things which Peruvian minutes ago are happening with passports and the filled up arrival card at the counter. Afterwards, we put our luggage to the x-ray checks. It is right next to the desks. Everything finished in this small room quickly and easy again

4. All finished!! We got on the same bus and drove to the first city, Tacna in Peru!!

5. When you arrive at the Tacna bus terminal, you can exchange the money from Chilean peso to Peruvian Sole inside the station. There are a few money exchange desks. Also, there is an ATM machine in the middle of the national station.
6. We got out of the international bus station and walked to the national station. A terminal security lady helped us to find the ATM. She took us all the way to the national bus station. She could only speak in Spanish but she was very helpful.

We didn’t know which bus company is the proper one to take. There are a few different buses you can choose. We picked one with the green coloured bus. Green colour always looks reliable. We heard that Bus riding in Peru sometimes can be life-threatening.

7. We took the bus and drove Arequipa! It took more than 6hours from Tacna

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