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Silverbeet(Chard) recipe 1. Miso soup in a slowcooker

Silverbeet(Chard) recipe 1. Miso soup in a slowcooker

Silverbeet is one of the most well growing vegetables in any gardens. I like to use this nutritious green vegetable in my favourite Miso soup. I use a slow cooker for cooking soups to bring out the hidden flavours of each ingredient. I love the soft silky texture of seaweeds and silverbeets. Besides, it is a so easy and convenient way to cook. All ingredients go into the slow cooker and then I can work on my laptop until they are nicely cooked.


Brown Miso paste or Doenjang ….. 1 Big full tablespoon(shown on the photo)

Dried Shitachi mushrooms(whole) ….. 5~6 pieces

Dried seaweeds(Mi yeok) ….. a half cup

Silverbeet ….. 10 to 15  leaves with stems

Garlic(dice) ….. 3 cloves

Ginger(cut in a half or quarter) ….. one small thumb size

*I like to cut ginger in big pieces for soups so that I can take out later.

Water ….. 6~7 cups depending on your salty taste buds.

*Dried seaweeds and mushrooms normally need to be soaked before cooking. But when I use the slow cooker, I skip this preparation.


  1. Put the dried seaweeds and Shitachi mushrooms in the cooker with water. Before I put them in, I rinse the mushrooms in a water bowl. Break them with hands into smaller chunks.
  2. Dice the garlic and cut the ginger, throw them into the cooker. You can already start the cooker to boil on saute at this stage.

    seaweeds, mushrooms, garlic and ginger
    seaweeds, mushrooms, garlic and ginger
  3. Add and mix well the Miso or Doengjang paste in water in the cooker.

    amount of doenjang into the soup
    amount of doenjang into the soup
  4. Wash the silverbeets and separate the white stems and the leaves. One of my habits to cook greens, to put the stems slightly earlier than leaves. Cut the stems in small pieces(2~3cm), tear the leaves with hands as small as you like them to be.
  5. Put the stems first with the other ingredients in the cooker.
  6. In the cooker, boil(saute) for about 10 minutes.
  7. Put the leaves and close the lid for slow-cooking.
  8. Put on, slow cook. Min 1 hours to max 3 hours.
  9. Serve with rice or wheat noodles


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