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Bolivia for a month

Bolivia for a month

Our itinerary :Copacabana-> La paz-> Coroico-> Sucre-> Uyuni-> Tupiza

1. Copacabana(6nights) Room#10 + Isla del sole 1night

-To stay: La Culpa : Excellent (6nights)


-To eat: There are many tourists restaurants on the main street towards to lake.

Most of them have daily menu 3 courses(soup+main+light desert) meal for 35bs.

Pizza for Pan America bakery, Local homemade food for La Orilla, Breakfast for El condor & the eagle cafe or at hotel La Cupula.

-To do:

Hiking to Yampupata.

Get a local minibus or taxi to at the end of Yampupata town and walk back to the hills to Copacabana town. It takes around 3~4 hour to be back. Stop by floating trout restaurant to try trucha from Lake Titicaca.

1 day trip to Isla del Sol

Everyone does it. Beautiful view on top of the Island.

2. La Paz

-To stay: Hotel Fuente average city stays (1night) 4th floor. Convenient location to look around the city. From Copacabana take Diana bus, then you can get off the bus right around the corner of hotel(No need to walk around bus terminal area)

Rendezvous hotel (4nights) room#7. Breakfast is good and rooms are ok but a little bit dark. Owners are not friendly and overpriced(Charged additional tax without explanations) But the area Sopocachi is very nice to stay. Staying in La Paz downtown was not an option for us, it’s too busy and dirty.


-To eat: In Sopocachi there are many international restaurant and pizza places.

Try Saltena and fried chicken at local fast food chain restaurants.

-To do:

Valle de Luna

Take a microbus to get there. The entrance fee is not too expansive.

1 day trip to Coroico (Hostal Chawi)

Very warm Jungle weather. Take a minivan from the bus station.

It is a small town in Yungas province, popular for the death road biking and tour.

The scenery is very nice and peaceful.

3. Sucre

-To stay: Santa Cecilia B&B (6nights). Very friendly and warm owner. Cheap and reasonably clean. Laundry service by the hostel is very cheap.


-To eat: There are many cafes and tourist restaurants around Plaza 25 de Mayo.

Try Mondego(spicy meat stew) at the Mercado.

Cafe capital has good ranges of sandwiches and fruits jugos. El patio for Saltena(go there not too late, easy to be sold out)

-To do: Walk around streets in town. Buildings and houses are looking very nice. It looks very different from other cities in Bolivia. Plaza de Mayo, La Recoleta.

Visit the dinosaur track. Dinosaurs footprints in a park.

4. Uyuni

-To stay Hotel Avenida (2nights) Its ok accommodation in Uyuni. Handy to get to tour offices and restaurants. Uyuni is very all town full with tour companies and tourists

-To eat: Pizzas in one of the tourist restaurant. Try burgers from streets for 4~7bs It is very cheap and handy to grab one for lunch.

-To do: Salar de Uyuni tour. 3 to 5days options. We did only 1day tour with Hudaka tour 150bs but its really nice and enough time to see the salar area. We already did the Salar de Tara tour in San Pedro which is similar to the Uyuni tour.

5. Tupiza

-To stay: Hotel Mitru(3nights) Nice to finish our trip in Bolivia with a good relaxed place. They have a swimming pool and small garden to rest from hot weather.


-To eat Lunch for local food at the local Mercado. There are few tourists restaurants for Pizzas and Sandwiches.

***Taking the local bus from Uyuni to Tupiza was really hard riding. The roads are bad conditions and many constructions sites are on the way. It takes around 6hours with a few stops.

6. To the border town Villazon and….Argentina!!

For visiting Bolivia

  • Need a Visa to enter the country? Citizens of a few countries need visas.
  • Yellow fever vaccine needed for getting the visa or to enter the country.
  • Don’t drink or brush your teeth with tap water. Water quality is not too good enough for that. Been sick and seen people got sick from the water.
  • Don’t expect that everything is going to be heavenly cheap. You want to be a little more comfortable with hot showers, clean facilities and privacy.
  • Sun is very strong and the air is dry. Need to take sun protection and moisturizers.
  • The antibiotic might be needed from the unknown sickness.
  • Good positive mind needed











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