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San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama

Valle de Luna

-Biking trip(11km from the entrance to the end).  This is very different a part of the world from the places I have been for 36 years. Feel like I am on a different planet, Moon perhaps.

Salar de Tara

-4×4 tour with Panda tour

San Pedro de Atacama

-Stayed in Backpacker’s hostel 3nights ***very quite and basic + Purinama hostel 3nights****nice rooms and good showers

-Valle de Luna by bicycle 11km from the entrance to the end. Some parts of Roads are bumpy and a few uphills.

-Bed bugs in Backpackers hostel. Mark had 4 bites and Hyeshin had hundreds of bites.

-Hostal Puritama, meeting new people from the US(Carl, Kathleen, Danny, Shannon)

-Lunch set menu near the market 3,500CP per menu including entree and main, huge portion.

-Great sightseeing tour Salar de Tara, views of mountains and salt flats, Flamingo, Vicuna, Volcano rocks. 4×4 tour with Panda tour $40,000 per person

-A little altitude sickness by 4,800ms height in Salar de Tara

-Tried Coca leaves. We were not sure if it was working or not

-Real tourist town San Pedre. Packed with travellers on the streets in day and night.

-Restaurant and market are a bit expensive than other cities in Chile.

*  Setting up our own breakfast in San Pedro : There are mini markets are every corners and street in Chile. You can get the basic ingredients like bread rolls, tomatoes, onions and small ranges of fruits. We made our own simple breakfast with bread rolls, scrambles eggs, tomato and instance coffee^^

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