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Bangkok: Housesitting

Bangkok: Housesitting

We are on our way back to home in New Zealand. It’s been 1 year and 1-month journey since we left home. We will arrive in New Zealand on 3rd of November, 2016.

On the way to New Zealand, we would like to enjoy our tropical holiday by the beach in Thailand. I found a housesit in Bangkok through trustedhousesitters.com It has been already arranged in Germany a month ago.

Our first plan is doing our housesit assignment for 2 weeks in Nakhon Pathom near Bangkok. We were looking forward to meeting and petting our 2 furry friends and the host family.

Mark and I are also very big fans of Thai food, non-stop eating around the clock^^.

This time, I am expecting something different experience in Thailand. Because we will not be there as tourists. We will live there like locals or expats^^ while we house sit.

After the assignment, we are heading to the south, the island, Koh Chang and Pattaya. Planning to spend 2 weeks by the beach heaven. This will be our genuine holiday on the island.

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