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Uruguay for a month

Uruguay for a month

Our itinerary : Colonia del sacramento-> Montevideo-> Piriapolis -> Punta del Este -> La Paloma, La Pedrera, Cabo Polonio-> Punta del Diablo

  • Colonia del Sacramento

1. Stayed in Camping Loa Nogales for 2 nights ***very cheap $300 peso per night. Nice surrounding by trees right by the big park. Close to shopping mall(big supermarket)

2. Walk around the old town and the port area.

3. Enjoyed the beachside artisan markets, cafe and restaurants.

  • Montevideo

1. Stayed Hotel Uruguay for 4 nights ***Close to the plaza and the port US$36 per night for a double room. Good breakfast and clean but old.

2. Walk or bike around beach area(Rambla Montevideo) and Plaza Independencia.

3. Try local fast food from food truck, Pancho, Hamburguesa

4. Shopping and eateries. There are many shops and restaurants in town. The city looked small but not able to walk many places. The bus will be the easier way to get around the city.

  • Piriapolis

1. Stayed in camping AEBU for 4 nights **** Very nice and peaceful site surrounded by big trees. $300 peso for person per night(high season price, expensive)

2. Walking along the beach town. Lots of shops and restaurants along the beachside.

3. Hike up to Cerro Toro, Very nice views. takes around 1hour to get up from the town.


  • Punta del Este

1. Stayed F&F hostel ** a party hostel with a bar, very noisy at night and rooms are very small and dirty. Kitchen and bathrooms were nice and clean but rather small.

2. Rent a small car from Avis for 3days around US$30 per day.

3. Walk around the main street and shopping mall.

4. Many good and expensive restaurants. Nice to have my sushi again.

5. Walking to the port and Atlantic beach

  • La Paloma + La Pedrera

1. Rent a car from Punta del Este to drive along the coast. Stopped by the holiday towns

2. Nice to stay the small surfing villages.

3. Camping at PP *** Nice setting by the forest, close to walking to the beach.

  • Cabo Polonia

On the way to Punta del Diablo by our rental car, we could visit this nice place recommended by the guy from Sushi restaurant in Punta del Este. It is really remote and nice village. You can get to the main information centre. You can take the 4×4 bus to enter the village or walk 7km from the entrance to the village. We walked 7km to the village and took the bus back $100 peso per trip.


  • Punta del Diablo

1. Stayed in Giramundo ****for 1 week and 2days US$200 per week for a cabin, Camping at Santa Teresa park**** $150 per person a night.

2. Try asado pescado(Tiburon) We had 4times asado with meat and fish during our stay.

3. Nice relaxing small fish and surfing village. Everything is stretched out in the town, so need to walk for the 15minutes walk to the beach or supermarkets.

4. Surfing is very popular in this town. Many bars and restaurants are along by the beach.

  • Santa Teresa National park(3days)

From our cabin, we walked to the entrance of Playa Grande. It took about 20 minutes walk from the main street to the entrance of the beach. We walked along the Playa Grande about 1hour. It was sunny and hot but nice peaceful walk by the sea. Once we get Playa Barco, we walked to the park and walk through the big park. Walking from the Playa Barco and the camping site near La moza took about an hour followed by the walkway(more like roads) in the park. The camping site was very big and empty when we got there. It is just right after the summer high season. There were not many campers nor visitors in the park. It is very nice camping in the park. It runs by Uruguay Army. The showers, toilets, electricity are provided. Very close to the beach. Highly recommend going there in March because the weather  is still nice for swimming and not many people. A supermarket is right by the campsite. There is more than one supermarket but the other ones are all closed because it is very quiet.

-Things to do in the park for 3days.

1) Visit Fortaleza de Santa Teresa

2) Visit the Zoo to see native animals and lots of birds

3) Visit the indoor garden and walk along the forest.

4) Swim, surf and bodyboard with the big waves. Beach are all very beautiful and remote.

5) Relaxing in the big tree forest with lots of birds.




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